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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book Blogs are BAD .......

for my bank account! My postman rang the doorbell yesterday and handed me three parcels and cheerily said "You've kept me busy this week, haven't you?"

I have. This week I have been a bad bad girl. I have added so many books to my wishlist and admit I added 7 to my basket.

I am still awaiting two - so I am sure Mr Potsman will be elated at having to walk down our long drive again tomorrow!

Debo is responsible for "A Late Beginner" by Priscilla Napier - she recommended it the other night. By the way, wasn't she fantastic? I loved hearing the story of "White Fang" and Farve straight from her mouth. I wish there would be a super duper doc made on the sisters before Debo goes to the Great Hunt in The Sky.

The Persephone books are an impulse buy after reading reviews after last weekend's reading event. I also have "Tea with Mr Rochester" on the way.

The others, Sinclair Ross "As For Me and My House", "Austenland" by Shannon Hale and "And This is True" by Emily Mackie are all from book blog recommendations. So reviews will follow.

There was a good piece in The Times yesterday as part of World Book Night, a few top authors wrote about the books that changed their lives, including childhood favourites. Monica Ali wrote of her love of "Malory Towers" :-) David Nicholls of "The Moomins" . Alexander McCall Smith of Just William. But my favourite was Tony Parsons' - he wrote of his love for Rupert the Bear. Was Rupert "a boy with a bear's head or a bear with a boy's body and the fashion sense of a professional golfer?" He talked about books that people had given his as gifts throughout his life from "The Grapes of Wrath" to "Empire of the Sun" - his closing sentence really resonated with me .... "Every book that someone gives you is an expression of love." :-)

I am off to finish "The Saffron Kitchen" now ...... Iran, here I come.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right--I had to laugh--book blogs are BAD! I haven't read any for that very fact--my bank account can't stand my book buying. I have so many books on my own shelves that I need to read but it is like an obsession to not miss a book out there--slipping through the fingers. Book blogs are bad, bad, bad... :)