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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some of My Signed Books

I woke up with a start a few weeks ago .... wondering where my "signed" Anne Frank's Diary was! I went to a lecture in London in the mid 90's where a range of people spoke about captivity. It coincided with the publication of The Definitive Anne Frank's Diary. Anne's Cousin Buddy was there - as was Otto Frank's second wife Fritzi! I have really vivid memories of it. Fritzi didn't speak English but seeing my tears she gave me a big smile and patted my arm. Definitely one of those unforgettable moments!!

Another wonderful person was Maya Angelou. I met her at a book signing and she just radiated warmth. I bought two copies of her book - one for myself and one for my friend Stephen. She inscribed his and signed it "Maya Angelou and Julia".

Apart from Margaret Attwood and Vikram Seth - whose books I can't find right now, those are the only "signed in my presence" books I have.

But I also have .....


The Lovely staff at Heywood Hill arranged this for me as I couldn't get up to London because of Dad. I also got a lovely new set of Nancy's fiction in a slip case which Debo signed too.

I have a few other signed "Debo" books. I also have this ......

It was purchased from the estate of a San Francisco based journalist. I have the paperwork somewhere. I just need a signed Nancy and Diana now!

Later in the week I will post some of my oldest books, mostly classic juvenile fiction.

Happy Reading!


Ann Nichols said...

Such a great collection!!
PS Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

Katrina said...

I am envious, what a lovely bunch. I've just finished reading The Mitfords - Letters Between Six Sisters, I bought it at Chatsworth but sadly - it isn't signed.